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Make Democracy Work!

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.
The League of Women Voters of Greenwich welcomes you!

Old Greenwich Memorial Day Parade 2018

Remember to Vote in August 14 Primary. EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!!   Primary Day in Connecticut is August 14th.  Both parties are holding Primaries on this day. Please note that in order to vote in the Democratic Primary you must be an enrolled Democrat. To vote in the Republican Primary you must be an enrolled Republican.     Absentee Ballot: If you will be away on Primary Day you may still vote by obtaining an Absentee Ballot.  To obtain an Absentee Ballot, you must request an application for the ballot one from the Town Clerk. Call 203 622-7897, go to website, or visit the office at 101 Field Point Road, Greenwich. Your ballot will be sent to you when they become available on July 24. 

Once you have received and filled out your absentee ballot, you may choose to deliver it physically or by mail. Physical delivery may be done by dropping your ballot off at the Town Clerk's office before 4 pm, Monday, August 13th. Please note that another person cannot deliver a completed ballot on behalf of the voter. If you choose to send it in, be sure to mail it early enough that it arrives at the Town Clerk's office by 8 pm on Primary/Election Day, August 14th.  The mailing address is Town Clerk, Town Hall, 101 Field Point Road, Greenwich, CT 06830. If you visit the Town Clerk office after July 24, you may fill out the application, receive your ballot and vote at the same time.   Unaffiliated Voters: (registered but not enrolled in any party) You may apply to become a party member as long as your mail application is received by the Registrar on or before August 9th, 2018.  The deadline to enroll in a party in person is August 13th, 12 noon in the office of the Registrar of Voters at Town Hall.

Register to vote: If you are not yet registered to vote you may register by mail, in person or online at New voters registering by mail must make sure mail is postmarked by August 9th. The deadline to register in person is August 13th, 12 noon. To check your status go to    Do not forget to EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!                                    League of Women Voters                                   Joanne Stavrou, Voter Services

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