Making Democracy Work

The LWVG Board of Directors and Governance

Board Officers

Jara Burnett, President

Aya DeSimone, Vice President Program

Janet McGuigan, Vice President Program

Joanne Stavrou, Vice President Voter Services

Caroline Adkins, Secretary

Hillary McGuire, Treasurer

Board Members and Committees

Rita Baker, Membership

Nancy Duffy, Nominating and Communications

Lynn Garelick, Member at Large

Louisa Greene, Member at Large

Anne-Marie Hesser, Youth Outreach

Elise Hingson, Webmaster

Deirdre Kamlani, Nominating and Member at Large

Michelle Kinner, Development and Nominating

Marla Laney, Editor, The Greenwich Voter

Barbara O'Shea, Membership

Pamela Toper, Events Coordinator

Sandy Waters, Communications