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The Weston League's "Legislative Wrap-up"

Held September 16, 2017, right after the CT legislature agreed on a bi-partisan budget. The budget is now on Governor Malloy's desk. In the video, legislators Toni Boucher, Adam Dunsby, Tony Hwang and Jonathan Steinberg discuss many issues faced by our State.

Click here to watch the LWVWeston League's Legislative Wrap-Up

"Democracy, A Case Study"

Professor David A. Moss, Harvard Business School Professor and author of "Democracy, A Case Study" will be with us at LWVG's November 13 event. The video linked here, of a talk he gave some time ago, will give you some background on the book and approach. The League event will be lively and interactive since it will focus on one of the cases from the book. In the video Professor Moss also shares some thoughts on political discord through American history and its relevance to today's turmoil.

Click here to watch Prof. David A. Moss give his presentation